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don't even take a breath; [entries|friends|calendar]

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July 29th, at 9:21pm]
[ mood | rolling ]

Don't worry, I'm still alive.

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June 12th, at 9:29am]
[ mood | tired ]

Summer=Drug Fever, like always.
I'm so tired.
I've been working at Red Lobster for a few weeks now & I like it good enough so far. The people are awesome that work there.
I'm so glad I have all my debt & shit paid off.

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Jeff, Blake, and I had a fun time with that the other night.
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May 26th, at 1:50pm]
I started my first day at Red Lobster yesterday. I like it so far :).
I have to work today too.

Graduation was boring, but sweet.
We've all been doing too many drugs lately.
It seems like they come with summer.
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May 18th, at 9:44am]
I got the job at Red Lobster! I'll be starting out at $7.00/hr being a hostess.
This is a bigggggggg stress relief.
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May 17th, at 9:10am]
[ mood | full/high ]

I helped an old lady the other day.

I'm at school.
Ugh, I'm so ready to get out of school.
Next Wednesday's the day!

Well, I failed Algebra II for the year, so I'm going to take it again next year first semester, and then take Prob. & Stats second semester.
So much for graduating in December :(.

I pretty much got a job at Red Lobster yesterday. I go back in for my second interview today! Thank God.
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April 26th, at 8:36am]
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I'm loving life.
I'm ready for SUMMER.
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April 22nd, at 9:11pm]
[ mood | jacked ]

Today was a good day.

I went to church for the first time in ages.
Jeff wanted me to come with him, so I did.
It was definitely interesting going to a Mormon church.

Kelly, Jeff, & I hung out today.
Aren't we cute?
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April 19th, at 9:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I changed my first diaper ever tonight.
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April 15th, at 4:37pm]
I'm baby-sitting again. I was up until six this morning, so naturally I'm tired. I might take a nap. It's windy & stormy; it's ridiculous.

I hate earning all this money and I have to give most of it to my mother for car insurance. I wish that shit would go down.
And I wish gas prices would go down. It was $2.69 this morning.
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April 14th, at 11:51pm]
Woo-hoo, I halved a roll with Blake, and I'm definitely bored.
We're chilling at Kelly's apartment & they're watching a movie that I am not into, so I'm playing with the damn computer to keep from talking and pissing anyone off.
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April 13th, at 10:41am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well, so much for stopping smoking.
I'll still support Jeff & not smoke around him, but as long as I'm living in this shitty town & living with my annoying ass parents, I'll be baking out.

I've had a pretty shitty spring break, and thanks to eating tons of Klonopin & some Xanax for most of the week, the come down has made me depressed (even more).

Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th.
Ha. What a joke.
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April 12th, at 3:27pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I really want to support Jeff, but I really don't know if I can quit smoking herb.
It's not because I can't quit; I'm just not sure I want to.
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April 6th, at 6:56pm]
We still haven't gotten the Internet back at my house, so I'm babysitting and updating over here.

Yesterday at school, the boy in front of me pulled out in front of a bus, and it slammed him which nearly caused him to hit me. It was an awful thing to watch happen.
Then I got written up (it was like two pages of write up), but they decided not to count it.
Today, on the other hand, I was showing something to Sierra on my phone today in the hall & a teacher saw & wrote me up, so I have ISS on the Tuesday we go back to school.

I'm so fucking excited that it's Spring Break, even though I'm not going anywhere (anymore).
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April 2nd, at 4:12pm]
School sucks.
I'm ready for next week; SPRING BREAK '07!
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March 31st, at 8:33pm]
Sorry for the lack of updating, my Internet has been on hiatus. I'm babysitting. It's prom night. Obviously, I didn't go, but I'm going out with Dustin in a few hours.

I was supposed to go to the beach tonight, but my parents have been flipping out about everything lately, especially my mom, and I couldn't go. (I blame my mom's bitchiness on her quitting smoking cold turkey.) But, I'm not too bummed about not going. I'm just ready for spring break, which is the week after this upcoming one.

I actually went shopping today. I haven't in such a long time, it's ridiculous. I got a few cute things, including a new bathing suit.

Don't know when I'll update date next, until then, xoxo.
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March 22nd, at 11:12pm]
Jeff & I were bored earlier so we decided to drive down to the beach to see Blake.
We drank a few beers & he told us about his trip to Oregon & Canada. I'm jealous!

My report card was, as expected, a bummer.
Hopefully I'll do better this time...
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March 17th, at 7:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm more than likely graduating in December this year, and while I thought I would be able to tolerate living in my house for atleast the first year of college, I've been thinking of finding a good job & just finding my own place next March when I turn 18.
My parents can be cool as hell one minute, and the next they're totally crazy, mean, & hypocritical.
I can't stand it.
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March 16th, at 11:11am]
[ mood | gettin' baked ]

Last night we all went out to Club 231 & started it off right with a few pitchers of Jim & Coke and Captain & Coke.
I spent most of my night on the dance floor dancing with Dustin.
That shit was too crazy ;).

Jeff & I got back to my house around 3 & the we decided to go out in the garage & smoke, and we ended up finding this random little mouse in this empty trash can in there.
Jeff tried giving it some cheese, and he didn't eat it. Then we took him across the street to the neighbor's house and let him go.
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March 14th, at 7:21am]
I had a fucking amazing 17th birthday!
I had about 20-something people over here Monday night; it was great.

Today's Landon's birthday, but I think we're celebrating tomorrow by going to the club tomorrow.

Now I'm ready to be 18!
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March 10th, at 9:51am]
I failed to mention that Kathy (my aunt) signed me out of school yesterday & I rode with her to Marion. I drove her car for her; it shook when I braked, haha.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm not sweating, by the way, it's the light.
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