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Summer=Drug Fever, like always.
I'm so tired.
I've been working at Red Lobster for a few weeks now & I like it good enough so far. The people are awesome that work there.
I'm so glad I have all my debt & shit paid off.

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Jeff, Blake, and I had a fun time with that the other night.
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I started my first day at Red Lobster yesterday. I like it so far :).
I have to work today too.

Graduation was boring, but sweet.
We've all been doing too many drugs lately.
It seems like they come with summer.

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I helped an old lady the other day.

I'm at school.
Ugh, I'm so ready to get out of school.
Next Wednesday's the day!

Well, I failed Algebra II for the year, so I'm going to take it again next year first semester, and then take Prob. & Stats second semester.
So much for graduating in December :(.

I pretty much got a job at Red Lobster yesterday. I go back in for my second interview today! Thank God.
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Today was a good day.

I went to church for the first time in ages.
Jeff wanted me to come with him, so I did.
It was definitely interesting going to a Mormon church.

Kelly, Jeff, & I hung out today.
Aren't we cute?
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I'm baby-sitting again. I was up until six this morning, so naturally I'm tired. I might take a nap. It's windy & stormy; it's ridiculous.

I hate earning all this money and I have to give most of it to my mother for car insurance. I wish that shit would go down.
And I wish gas prices would go down. It was $2.69 this morning.
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Woo-hoo, I halved a roll with Blake, and I'm definitely bored.
We're chilling at Kelly's apartment & they're watching a movie that I am not into, so I'm playing with the damn computer to keep from talking and pissing anyone off.
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